In 1969, Goldenrod Hills Community Action Agency contacted Marian Schlueter in an effort to organize a senior center in Dakota County.  Funds were available through a government grant.  Marian contacted some seniors over a two-week period and finally got some interest going.  They would meet in the back room of the Colonial Gift Shop.  The room was approximately 14x24, had 1 large sink and a small bathroom was framed out in a corner.  The walls were covered with plastic covering the frame without a ceiling.  An old stove was present but the oven did not work.  The first meal was served.  Marian cooked in 2 electric roasters, and she purchased some silverware at Goodwill.  They used paper plates.  A 50-cent donation was asked.  Twenty-three people attended the first meal.  Money was available to purchase the meat from Goldenrod Hills.  The next week they served 30 people, then 50. Within a month and a half, they were serving a crowd of 100 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They borrowed tables and chairs from the Methodist Church and they had to eat in shifts because they would run out of plates and silver and places to sit.  It was obvious they needed a bigger place to meet. Arrangements were made to rent the educational building from Hope Lutheran Church on a trial basis.  Soon they were serving on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The crowd ranged from 200 to 250 and they had started a route to deliver meals to shut-ins.  Initially, they served 17.  The seniors were unable to have the hall in the evening to have entertainment, so the Knights of Columbus sponsored an evening event for them once a month.  They enjoyed bingo, dancing, lunch after the event, and provided transportation to and from the event.

In 1971 the center moved to the Legion Hall where they started serving 4 days a week.  A senior band was formed and on Wednesdays the band played and they served around 300 people.  The Center eventually moved back to Hope Lutheran Educational Hall, then back to the Legion before settling at 1615 I Avenue behind City Hall.

April 17, 1978, the club incorporated under the name Northeast Nebraska Senior Center, Inc.  They received a matching grant from the government and raised money to match it.  With the money, the room behind City Hall was renovated and the first meal was served on August 27, 1979 to 103 seniors, and to 53 shut-ins.

In April, 1993, the seniors purchased their present building at 1501 W. 29th Street from the V.F.W. with a CDBG grant from the city, $75,000 in matching funds and a bank loan.  An additional entry was built on the south of the building.  In 1999, they sold some property to Dr. Joseph Aitkin to build a dental clinic.